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PADI DSD Leader - for PADI Divemasters

DSD Leader KursThe training for PADI DSD Leader includes the participation in 4 real Discover Scuba Diving Programs with beginners.

You will conduct theses Discover Scuba Diving Programs under supervision of a PADI Instructor. The assistance of the instructor will be reduced from dive to dive until you are able to conduct the 4th DSD totally safe without any help from your instructor.

Should you not be ready to conduct the DSD without any interveniance of the instructor, further DSD training dives might become necessary. The PADI DSD-leader will not be confirmed until you have prooven absolute professional and safe treatment of beginners in the water.


  • PADI Divemaster in teaching Status


This course is 180 €

*Valid only for 4 DSD training dives. Should you need more training the price will be higher according to the number of training dives.

The PADI application fee for DSD leader is 36 €

For participants of our Divemaster Internship Training Program this course is part of your internship and therefore free. Only PADI fees need to be paid by you!


Internship - work for courses

General information

PADI Divemaster InternshipWorking for us is working integrated in a small family team. As family business we care for our staff as well during working hours and beyond. Team activities after work and a friendly atmosphere is part of our interests.

For your application please have a representative photo (no fun pictures under water or from the bar last night) and a CV in PDF-format available for upload. Fill in the complete online application form and add the files to the form.

ONLINE Application

Please read the prerequisites carefully before sending an application. Applications of not qualified applicants will not be processed nor answered.

Do not apply with a friend, wife, husband. We do not employ couples or groups as we do not like grouping in our team.

General requirements - "Must have"

  • Min. 18 years
  • complete own scuba gear, as a Pro you can't work on rented equipment
  • Medical certification for divers not older than 24 months


Internship - PADI Divemaster

dm boatWe offer an internship to PADI DIVEMASTER if you already have the PADI RESCUE or an equivalent license. You must be available for at least 3 months. We can provide accommodation and will train you to PADI Divemaster within 4 weeks. Afterwards you will get the PADI DSD leader training and you have to work for us for the next 2 months as Divemaster to compensate your course.

DM crew packPrerequisites

  • PADI RESCUE or equivalent license
  • Minimum contract period 3 months
  • minimum 40 dives upon course start, you will need to have at least 60 dives before applying for PADI Divemaster
  • all above listed general requirements must be met!

Neccessary materials

You'll need for your training towards PADI Divemaster all materials of the Divemaster Crew Pack. The use of rented materials is not allowed by PADI. You'll receive a hologram sticker along with your original PADI Divemaster Crew Pack. This hologram needs to be added to your Divemaster application to PADI. Without this hologram you can't become a PADI Divemaster. This is part of being "professional", every PADI Pro has his own original materials.

The Padi Divemaster Crew Pack costs at the moment at PADI 285,10 €

In combination with your Divemaster course with us we can get you your crew pack bit cheaper, just ask us.

dm boat entryYour costs

  • you must purchase all neccessary PADI training materials
  • you need to pay the PADI Divemaster application fees
  • You need a valid health insurance that covers you in Spain
  • you will need to purchase a professional liability insurance for scuba instructors upon your application for PADI Divemaster
  • for catering and all needs of the daily life you must care for yourself

PADI Instructor Development Course IDC

Start your Scuba Instructor carreer here with us

Welcome to the start of your PRO-Carrer as PADI Instructor!

Participating in an PADI IDC/IE program you start your professional carreer as a PADI Instructor working in dive resorts all over the wourld.

We will use all our experience from thousands of courses and dives with divers from all over the world, to prepare you during your Instructor Development Course (IDC) for the PADI IE (Instructor Examination).

We want you to be successful in the examination, so soon you will be a PADI Instructor in "teaching Status".

Thomas Christoph
General Manager WOBBEGONG S.L. (Dive Centre ATLANTIK)

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Your way to become PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI)

PADI IDC in TenerifeThe training to PADI Instructor starts always with an IDC (Instructor Development Course) - the preparation for PADI Instructor and an IE (Instructor Examination) - the exam for PADI Instructor.

The IDC and the IE do not have to take place in the same place or at the same time. Me myself for example had my IDC here in Tenerife while my IE took place 4 weeks later in Lanzarote.

As it is better for planning, easier and less expensive we do plan our IDCs always at times when there will be an IE here in Tenerife. As mentioned before, you decide where you sign in for your IE and when you like to take the exam, but we recommend to do this asap after your IDC. 

PADI IDC Open Water Training in TenerifeWe offer a nice and quiet lerning atmosphere to our IDC candidates. For classroom presentations we have a seperate seminar room equipped with modern multimedia equipment and WIFI. Skills will be practised in our heated training pool in the hotel Maritim. For open water skills and dives we may use beaches on both sides of the island, this way we are independet to sea conditions. The water temperature is between 18°C to 25°C depending on season. The incredible variety of fishes of the Canary Islands make even the training dives interesting.

For accommodation and boarding we have the hotel MARITIM**** with all of it's installations available. On request we may also offer cheap accommodation in other places, which then will unfortunately not be directly next to the dive centre.


IDC - Instructor Development Course

IDC - Instructor Development Course - from Divemaster to PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

PADI IDC Open Water presentationFirst you need to attend an Instructor Development Course (IDC).

In 12 days you will learn to teach and to act as a PADI Instructor in theory and in practise and which standards you need to follow.

This course is totally different to all courses you have done before. It is not about diving, it is about teaching diving. In the seminars you learn how to conduct theory lessons as an instructor.

In the pool you will practise to present your PADI skills in a perfect and exemplary way and how to instruct your students.

In the sea you will practise how to teach the different skills from Open Water to Divemaster safely and correct and how to control your students while doing these skills. Possible errors and risks will be simulated constantly so you learn how to detect and to avoid them later in your courses.

The IDC consits of 2 parts.

The first part contains the PADI Assistant Instructor training, this part lasts 4 days. If you are already PADI Assistant Instructor you do not need to participate in this part. 

The second part contains the training towards PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, this part lasts 8 days.

The IDC course days begin early in the morning and will last until late evening. There will be no free days. The IDC Program is packed with lessons and training, finally it's a complete job training !!! Therefore it is not recommendable to bring husband, wife, kids or friends to this course.

Participation in the complete IDC costs 1000 €

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PADI Assistent Instructor

PADI Professional Training


  • PADI Divemaster or equivalent
  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Medical certificate for diving
  • Complete own equipment

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