From the South Airport to the Dive Centre

From the south airport you go north on the highway in the direction of Santa Cruz until you reach the exit Santa Maria del Mar. Here you also find a sign directing you to the north highway Autopista del Norte. Driving up the connection between the highways you reach, at La Laguna, the northern highway and follow the signs to Puerto de la Cruz.

Attention : DON'T go in direction Santa Cruz ! Sounds similar, but is the Capital city of the province of Tenerife and is located on the other side of the island.

After a total of 1 - 1,5 h depending on the traffic you get to Puerto de la Cruz.

You may leave the highway on the first exit of Puerto de la Cruz and follow the road until you get to an exit called Puerto de la Cruz por el Botanico. This way leads you through the city and you may get your first impression of Puerto. To get to the diving centre just follow the signs to the Loro Parque. When you have reached the Loro Parque, you see a big blue Hotel building about 200 m away which is sitting directly on a cliff above the sea, that is the Hotel PRECISE RESORT TENERIFE. Turn into the hotel, but continue past the main hotel entrance of the PRECISE RESORT TENERIFE and follow the signs that lead you to the diving centre.

If you don't like to go through the city, stay on the highway until you reach exit Nr. 39 Los Realejos Here ends the highway and you take a right and go back parallel to the highway in direction Puerto de la Cruz. Directly after the first curve you take a left to Toscal - La Longuera. After passing through Toscal - La Longuera you encounter a sign left down the hill to Punta Brava, and the Loro Parque and the big blue building of the PRECISE RESORT TENERIFE is also visible.

From any accommodation within Puerto de la Cruz

maritim airviewJust follow the street signs to "Loro Parque"! When you arrive at Loro Parque you will see the big blue building of the hotel PRECISE RESORT TENERIFE ***** in a distance of about 200m right on the waterside. Getting the the hotel PRECISE RESORT TENERIFE, follow our "Dive Centre ATLANTIK" street signs towards the seaside entry behind the second blue building. There is a barrier infront of the private parking zone, please do not enter. Parking here is for residents only. Park outside on the road and come walking down to the dive centre. If you can't find a free parking space on the road, you may definately find a free space on the parking area at the baseball field opposite of the hotel PRECISE RESORT TENERIFE on the main road.


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