The wildfires in Tenerife are extinguished!

The air is clear again and you can sleep with the windows open again at night.

Dear divers,

we have received several enquiries about the wildfires in Tenerife from guests who are about to visit us. The wildfires are located in the mountains and do not affect the dive excursions and dive courses here in Puerto de la Cruz.

Wildfires in Tenerife

New scuba equipment from Scubapro for testing available! 

Scubapro TestdaysFor a limited period we have received Scubapro equipment for testing by our instructors and clients. The following materials can be tested:

  • Scubapro HydrosX BCD 
  • Scubapro Regulator MK11 / S270 
  • Scubapro Regulator MK19 / D420
  • Scubapro Fins Seawing Supernova  

Hotel MARITIM - TenerifeThe Hotel MARITIM Tenerife has been sold on 1st of July 2022!

The hotel MARITIM group in Germany had more and more problems during the pandemic and had to sell some of their hotels. One of the hotels in the selling list has been our partner hotel MARITIM Tenerife.

The hotel stays open and can be booked as of now under the new management of the PRECISE Hotel Group.

As soon as we have made arrangements with the new management, we will have again available complete offers with diving and accommodation here in our resort.

We are looking forward to a good cooperation with the new hotel and we wish a lot of success to the new management.


We have snow on TenerifeWe have snow in Tenerife since mid of January! From the peak of the Teide downto the Cañadas and all arround the crater wall we have snow starting at 2000m. Beautiful appear also the white buildings of the observatory located on the crater wall surrounded by snow.

Daniel PADI Master Scuba Diver(from left: Instructor Thomas, PADI Master Scuba Diver Daniel, father Nick, PADI Regional Director Jason)

This year has started well! The PADI Regional Director for the Canary Islands, Jason Sockett, congratulates at the Dive Centre ATLANTIK to the younges new PADI Master Scuba Diver Daniel from Austria. With only 12 years of age Daniel has already logged 80 dives and has gained the highest PADI license for recreational scuba diving, the PADI Master Scuba Diver.

Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Canary Islands, only small groups are allowed to dive together after the government's latest decision.

The hotel MARITIM is closing unfortunately due to the newly declaration of Tenerife to a COVID high risc zone.

On 2nd of June the Real Decreto 550/2020 has been published. This new law is replacing the old and incomplete leagal rules from  1997. The royal decrete is valid from 1st of July 2020.

For the diving centers, it finally offers legal certainty in many questions about diving, diving training and technical diving.

The most important rules that affect all divers and thus also apply to holidaymakers in Spain concern the equipment and the marking of ascent points.

If you have had a COVID-19 infection and although now you are cured and feel perfectly healthy, you might still have some damages in the tissues of your lungs and /or airways. Therefore you MUST get a fresh medical certificate for scuba diving. Skipping the medical examination by a physician through a self signed questionary will not be possible. Please check out our new online medical questionary to get the forms for your medical.

Diver Medical 

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