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General information

Skill training PADI Open Water DiverIf you want to learn how to scuba here in Tenerife and all over the world, this course is for you. In only 3 days only our professional PADI Instructors will teach you scuba diving and you will return home with an international PADI Open Water Diver license.

Your PADI Open Water Diver license is being accepted worldwide and all your lifetime. As long as your health allows it you may sign in for dives on dive centres, rent equipment or get your own cylinders filled. You will encounter a completely different world. The adventure and fun will never end!

PADI Logo Why should you get a PADI license?

PADI stands for the "Professional Association of Diving Instructors" and is by far the largest diving organization worldwide. Your PADI license is recognized worldwide and you can find PADI diving centers in almost all countries on this planet. Your PADI licenses will of course also be recognized on all other diving centers that are not part of PADI.


Dear parents

If you send your children on vacation with relatives or friends and are not present yourself, the children must bring along a written declaration of consent from the legal parent or guardian.

download declaration form

Content of course

The PADI Open Water Diver (OWD) is a beginner course that concludes with an international diving license. The PADI OWD license allows you to go scuba diving together with any other licensed diver as buddy to a maximum depth of 18m. Participants between 10 and 14 years of age will receive a Junior Open Water Diver license and will have to dive always with an adult buddy to a maximum depth of 12m.

The PADI Open Water Diver course consists of two parts.

PADI Open Water Touch App1. E-learning theory

First you will study the diving theory in an online e-learning course before your vacation at home and you will also absolve your exam online.

The PADI Open Water Diver e-learning App is available for Apple and Android tablets as well as for PC. The app works also on a mobile phone however, we strongly advise against completing the e-learning course on the small display of a mobile phone.

The App will also be functioning OFFLINE, you'll need internet access only for the download of the app and for transmitting your exam results upon successful completion of the theory. In case you have questions during your studies, our instructors will be happy to answer by email. For technical questions about the app we will send you the contact data of the PADI customer service along with your download code of the app.

The e-learning course includes:

  • 5 interactive modules of scuba theory
  • Texts, images, videos
  • Knowledge reviews and quizzes
  • Final exam online (50 questions which must be passed at a minimum of 75%)
  • PADI license fee is included in your theory app. 

Pool training for PADI Open Water Diver course2. Practical part

After passing the theory you will participate in the practical part here in Tenerife. In min. three days you will practise your skills in diving.

The practical course includes:

  • Equipment skills at the dive centre
  • Pool skills in the heated pool of the hotel PRECISE RESORT PUERTO DE LA CRUZ****
  • 4 dives in the open sea from the beach
  • Complete scuba rental equipment for all course parts
  • Logbook for your diving experience
  • Scuba Diver Insurance by Aqua-Med during your course
  • Transportation to/from divesites

PADI Open Water Diver - Instructor presentation in the poolDuration of the course

For the online theory you may take as much time as you like. To have enough time for your studies, please sign in for the course online at least a week before your vacation.

For the practical course you should reserve at least 3 complete successive days. If you are having problems the course may last longer. Courses start on Wednesday and will finish usually on Friday. The daily schedule  is 9am to about 3pm.

Costs of the course

The price of the PADI Open Water e-learning App is 170 €per participant! The online e-learning software can't be shared with other participants as your download code is connected to your license code and your quizzes and exams. You have lifetime access to your e-learning materials which allows you to fresh up your knowledge anytime later when needed.

PADI Open Water Diver LicenseThe PADI license fee of 60 € for your PADI Open Water Diver e-card is already included in the price for the app.

The price for this practical part is  350 €.


We also offer your PADI Open Water Diver Beginner course in bundle with other specialty courses, this way you may deepen your scuba knowledge. The most popular specilties for diving with enriched air NITROX and for deep diving we have bundled for you.


Lern howto dive not only on air, but study also the theory for diving with oxigen enriched air Nitrox (EAN). The SILVER BUNDLE includes the PADI EAN e-learning, which is sufficciant to obtain the PADI EAN license.

Bundle GOLD

The bundle GOLD not only includes the PADI EAN e-learning but also a 5th dive for you to practise your knowledge about nitrox. So we will perform with you an extra dive not with air but with EAN32 (32% oxigen mixture).


With your PADI Open Water Diver license you may dive to a depth of 18m. In case you want to increase your depth limit you may participate directly in a PADI ADVENTURE DIVER course. This bundle includes the PADI ADVENTURE DIVER, but be aware that this includes 3 more dives so you will need 5 instead of 3 days to complete this. Please keep this in mind when you are booking this, so that you will have sufficiant vacation time to finish all and remember, we don't dive on Sundays :) We will practise with you the PADI Adventure dives Peak Performance Buoyancy and Deep Diving plas another adventure dive from the PADI AOWD Program.




OWD Bundle

PADI OWD + Specialty PADI EAN (Nitrox)

  • PADI OWD e-Learning
  • PADI EAN e-Learning
  • OWD Pool Training
  • 4 x OWD Open Water Dive
  • complete rental equipment
  • Dive accident insurance
  • Logbook

(Bundle incudes: 2 licenses, 4 dives, duration 3 days)

630 €
(save 40€ bundle discount) 



OWD Bundle

PADI OWD + Specialty PADI EAN (Nitrox) + EAN Tauchgang

  • PADI OWD e-Learning
  • PADI EAN e-Learning
  • OWD Pool Training
  • 4 x OWD Open Water Dive
  • complete rental equipment
  • Dive accident insurance
  • Logbook
  • 1 x EAN dive with EAN32 incl. rental equipment

(Bundle incudes: 2 licenses, 5 dives, duration 4 days)

690 €
(save 50€ bundle discount) 


OWD Bundle


  • PADI OWD e-Learning
  • PADI DEEP e-Learning
  • OWD Pool Training
  • 4 x OWD Open Water Dive
  • complete rental equipment
  • Dive accident insurance
  • Logbook
  • 3 x AOWD Dives incl. rental equipment

(Bundle includes: 2 licenses, 7 dives, duration 5 days)

835 €
(save 80€ bundle discount) 


Different options for participants who have already started the course

PADI Open Water Diver with referral from another dive centre

In case you have already started your PADI Open Water Diver course on another dive centre and you wish to finish it here with us, you may do so getting a "PADI Referral" from your actual instructor.

This option has been designed for students who like to start their course at home, doing all the course theory and pool practises in their hometown or nearby, but who feel that scuba diving in cold lakes of your country or in the north sea or the baltic sea is just not yours.

Let your PADI Instructor fill out a "Referral" where he will sign all finished skills, practises and course parts. We will continue with you exactly where you stopped here in the warm and nice waters of Tenerife.

This option is available only within 12 months since the referral. After one year the already finished course parts can not be taken into consideration anymore, you will have to reapeat the full course.

The price for a Referral Open Water Diver course depends on the still missing elements of the course. Please send us a copy of your referral to get an individual free quote.

Upgrade from PADI Scuba Diver to PADI Open Water Diver

You are already PADI Scuba Diver! In this case you will only need an Upgrade to PADI Open Water Diver.

You will need:

  • 2 modules of theory 
  • Final Exam
  • 2 modules pool practise 
  • 2 open water dives 

We can offer you the PADI Open Water Diver Upgrade for 310 €.

Price of course includes complete rental equipment and diving insurance. The PADI license fee of 60 € is included in this course.

Pre-Requisite for an upgrade is that the PADI Scuba Diver has been finished within the last 12 months. After more than one year you need to participate in the full course to become PADI Open Water Diver.

Compare content of Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver and Upgrade course

  Scuba Diver Open Water Diver

Upgrade from

Scuba Diver

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Theory Modul 2  
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Pool Session 1  
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Open Water Dive 1  
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